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still relatively new to the chainsaw carving scene, has been carving full-time for about a year.  She was introduced to chainsaw sculpture initially through her husband, Jamie Doeren; however it was actually another female chainsaw carver that convinced her to pick up a saw and gave her her first lesson.  That's when her passion for carving was ignited.  In the beginning, she only pursued it as a hobby - carving occasionally on the weekends.  As she continued to learn new patterns and participate in more events, it became more and more evident that this is what she was meant to do.  In June of 2014, at the prodding of her husband, she finally took the leap and decided to leave her corporate office job to pursue her passion and help build and expand their family business - "Sculpture by Doeren / Big Bear Carving Company. "

Since leaving the corporate world, Lisa's been able to devote much more time to carving and becoming a better artist in general.  Although she has a great deal of natural talent, she credits much of her success to the continuous help and support of her husband, who maintains her saws, sharpens her chain, and generally keeps her well-equipped to carve - wherever they go.  Not only that, she appreciates (usually... LOL) the constructive criticism he offers regarding her work.  Together they make a great team and are enjoying building a business where they can travel together and share their passion for chainsaw carving.




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