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Jamie Doeren


With over 27 years of experience in sculpture, Jamie Doeren is a talented artist, with an ever-growing list of accomplishments and artistic achievements.  Probably best known for his chainsaw art, he has been perfecting the skill, since he first began experimenting with a chainsaw back in 1989.  Having worked for several years as a small-engine mechanic, repairing chainsaws, he grew tired of testing out his equipment by merely cutting off the ends of logs.  So, he began to indulge his creative spirit, and started turning these logs into rough cut-outs of bears and other wildlife.  The more that he experimented and became more adept in his handling of the chainsaw, the more realistic and precise his carvings became.   And after many hours of persistent practice and relentless trial-and-error testing, it wasn’t long before his rough cut-outs began taking more realistic shapes and people began to not only notice his work but also offer good prices for it.  So began the career of this self-taught master of chainsaw sculpture.  Jamie went on to write two books on chainsaw carving – “Chainsaw Carving a Bear – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide” in 2003 and “Chainsaw Carving an Eagle” with Dennis Roghair in 2004.  He also became a respected contender in several international chainsaw carving competitions, winning three world championships and four national titles.  Jamie is also credited with the creation of the United Chainsaw Carver’s Guild in 2002. 
Throughout his career, Jamie has expanded his expertise and skill through his studies abroad, working directly under other masters of the trade.  He has spent substantial time in Europe, doing commission jobs and collaborating with other masters of sculpture – honing his skills and expanding his repertoire of sculpture technique.  From all of that experience, he has become very skilled in sculpting stone, clay, ice, snow, and even sand. Life casting, welding, and blacksmithing work are also on his long list of artistic expression.   Besides his insatiable desire for continuing his own education, Jamie also has a passion for teaching and sharing his vast knowledge with other aspiring artists.  He offers quarterly chainsaw carving classes at his studio in Abrams, and he occasionally teaches some classes in Germany as well.  
Today, Jamie has a very successful sculpture business and gallery in Abrams, WI.  He is currently in the process of expanding his outdoor gallery, to include a sculpture garden that will display his works of art in the scenic, quiet beauty of a lush garden setting; the end result being a sanctuary of both realistic and impressionistic art creations that can be enjoyed individually and collectively as customers stroll through the garden. He has a wide array of sculpture pieces ranging from rustic, cabin-inspired pieces to more modern, abstract creations.  All of them, original designs created by the hand of a true master of sculpture.  Jamie Doeren is undoubtedly  a remarkable artist, with an amazing degree of raw talent that can be only be fully appreciated when you stop by his gallery and take it in for yourself.


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